Conference Papers

  1. Reading the Unreadable: Transsexuality and the Repressive Hypothesis.

    24 March 2020.

    Southeastern Women’s Studies Association,

    St. Petersburg, Florida.

  2. Legible (Trans) Bodies, Memorable (Trans) Memories: Political Imperatives To Obliteration.

    10 April 2019.

    Southern Sociological Society,

    Atlanta, Georgia.

  3. When Worlds Meet: Trans/Gender Discourse and Political Language.

    5 April 2019.

    Critical Juncture: Translating Across Boundaries,

    Atlanta, Georgia.

  4. Deep Play at Trans/Gender: Transfemininity and the Gaze in Horror Cinema.

    3 April 2019.

    Anthropology Graduate Research Symposium,

    Atlanta, Georgia.



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